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Remember When Technology Felt Like Magic?

We're bringing that feeling back.

Technology felt like magic
We build technology

CM64 Studio

Building technology to empower individuals and foster integration, shaping a more connected and inclusive future.

We offer startup as a service

For Startups

We build technology that tackles real-world challenges, powered by a team of passionate builders and hackers. Our expertise lies in creating MVPs that transform innovative ideas into precisely tailored, market-ready solutions.


Venture Incubation

We guide founders with impactful ideas, turning visions into successful ventures. Our program offers high-level consulting, MVP development, and strategic acceleration, fostering innovation for a better future.

Technology felt like magic

Growth & Automation

We empower startups and businesses to achieve market fit and optimize operations. Our consultancy provides growth guidance and implements advanced automation, ensuring efficiency and scalability for future success.

Minimum Remarkable Products

Experience the precision of tailored features, value propositions, and user experiences designed for specialized needs. Our strategic and customer-centric approach ensures impactful solutions. True innovation resides in addressing specific pain points. Join us in co-creating products that redefine standards.

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Product-Market Fitting

Ensuring startups resonate with their target audience. We understand the pivotal role of Product-Market Fit in the success of startups. We guide startups in navigating the intricate landscape of their market through meticulous analysis and strategic alignment. Partner with us to sculpt a product that connects with your audience, propelling your startup towards enduring success.

Partners tecnológicos

Ignite Success

Transforming founders' ideas into thriving ventures, we strategically collaborate from execution to MVP development, offering robust support. Our steadfast partnership ensures sustained success, adapting to your unique founder journey. Join us, and let's build something remarkable together.

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Let's build the future together

Meet Apollo: Your launchpad for startup success

Apollo propels visionary founders towards realizing their dreams. Our program offers a unique blend of strategy, branding, and product development, customized to turn your innovative ideas into reality. We partner with you like a co-founder, sharing insights and risks to achieve mutual success. Equipped with our network of mentors and resources, you're set for a journey of remarkable achievements.

Aplly to Apollo
Rocket to the Moon
Hackers & Tech Artists

Hackers & Tech Artists

Who Are We

We're Not Just a Startup Studio. We're Builders, Hackers, and Investors in Search of the Exceptional.

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Our Spinouts & Ventures

Our Work

#Startup #Funding
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Boosting Startup Funding Success.

#AI #Copilot
Artu logo

Your AI Co-Pilot Crafting Smart Minutes for Virtual Meetings.

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Measure and offset the carbon footprint. Spread sustainability.

#Whatsapp #AI


Your personal AI assistant within your WhatsApp contacts.

MiBarrio.chat logo

A Social Marketplace Empowering Over 15k Local Shops in Latin America to Thrive During the 2020 Pandemic.

Wellb logo

E-commerce solution that fosters a vibrant community committed to the pursuit of health and wellness.

#Health #SaaS
Dr.Nube logo

Empower doctors to prioritize individual well-being by optimizing healthcare centers management.

Billbo logo

Revolutionizing streets ads with real-time computer vision and advanced bidding.

#ERP #SaaS
Misisipy logo

Elevating SME operations with a pioneering, user-friendly ERP solution.


Your Startup

Are you ready to co-create a ground breaking and impactful solution with us?

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Endless Curiosity & Creativity

Turn ideas into reality with tailored consultancy and agile practices.

Technology & Artistisc

We see every project as a canvas, every challenge as an opportunity to create something extraordinary.

Collaboration & Community

Greatness doesn't happen in a vacuum. We value teamwork and diverse perspectives as the catalysts for groundbreaking ideas.

Passion for Impact

We're not just in it for the code; we're in it for the change we can bring about. Every project is a step toward a better, more astonishing world.

Ethical Innovation

We're committed to using our skills for good, ensuring that our creations benefit not just us, but society as a whole.

Rebels with a Cause

With a disruptive mindset, we don't just hack the system, we improve it. From startups to data sculptures, if you can dream it, we can build it.

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